5 Questions With Randy's Wired Paper

5 Questions With Randy's Wired Paper

October 04, 2019

5 Questions With Randy's Wired Paper

1.  How did the original wired papers come about?

Randy’s Wired Papers started like most great inventions, from a place of necessity. Some friends were enjoying a smoke after a long day in the heat of the San Francisco summer in 1974. After a few hours of relaxing, they realized that they were out of papers. It was in this moment that the concept for a better smoking experience was conceived and the wired paper was born. After over 40 years, the rest is history! 


2.  Who designed the original artwork?

The original artwork was designed by a friend of the inventors of Randy's. Unfortunately their name has been lost over the years. If whoever did designed the artwork is reading this, please contact us :)  


3.  Are the same people who started Randy's still involved today?

The original founders of Randy's are no longer involved with the business but their passion for innovation and delivering the best possible smokewares to customers is still a vital part of our business model. Every product that we bring to market we do so with the vision of the innovation that brought the wired papers to market.


4.  What's your take on all this new innovation in the smoking space (Vape pens, oils, dabs)?

Randy's welcomes the ever present changes and strives to be ahead of the curves with our products. It is one of the reason we have expanded our brand to include more than just our world famous wired rolling papers. Our Randy's Black Label Cleaner is the fastest and best liquid glass cleaner on the market as a result of this! Like fashion, music or any other subject of interest new trends come forth and change the landscape. Currently 510 pens and CBD have taken over the market but that is just for now. A year from now I am sure that some of the smokeware markets that have slowed down like glassware's will see a resurgence. Either way Randy's will be at the forefront of these changes providing innovative products.


5.  Office soundtrack?  Give us a top 3 favorite?

  • Gus Dapperton - Favorite Fish

  • Video Age - Pop Therapy

  • Gaullin - Moonlight

For more info on Randy’s, please visit https://randys.com