Dr. Grass

Mary Juanita

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Description: Dr. Ernest Spiegelglass, MD, is a family practice resident at Carmel Hospital in San Francisco. His friends call him Doc Sparrowgrass. He is a hippie to the core and rides his skateboard to work every day. Unlike any other doctor, Dr. Grass treats his patients in a very unique manner and not the usual “by-the-book” procedure. He believes that heart-to-heart is the best way to go and uses herbs granny never dreamed of.  But sometimes his unconventional ways get him into trouble. Vintage paperback.

Disclaimer:  Items are vintage and will ship in various conditions.  If you are interested in knowing the condition of the actual copy you will be shipped, please email maryjuanita.purveyors@gmail.com

Author(s): Grania Davis

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Category: publications

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