The Complete Cannabis Cultivator

Mary Juanita

Description: A Mary Jane Superweed banger!  Just looks at that cover. The intention of this book is not to demonstrate any one way to grow marijuana, but rather to inform the reader of the various methods appropriate to the many growing conditions which circumstances can provide. Whether you are raising your plants out of doors, in a greenhouse or closet, the information in this manual, if properly applied, will give you the best quality marijuana possible. It covers every phase of pot farming from seed sprouting to harvesting. It contains detailed information on soil conditions, fertilizers, watering, lighting, concealing, prevention and cure of plant diseases, insect attacks and other threats to the survival of your crop. Growing secrets of farmers all over the world are disclosed in this book. Also included are special articles on breeding methods to develop seeds which produce only female plants, how to get some use out of "useless" male plants, and a chart to determine the exact time of flowering under different growing conditions.

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Author(s): Mary Jane Superweed

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