Tim Lahan "Mary Juanita - Head in the Clouds" Lighter

Mary Juanita

Description: We love BIC Maxi's.  They last long, fit nice in the hand, and burn our fingertips just right.  These are blessed with a design by the super talented Tim Lahan.  Get your head out of the clouds!? No thanks!  We'll stay right there.  :-)
Tim Lahan is an artist and illustrator based in San Francisco, California.  He splits his time between commercial work and personal projects that include everything from self-publishing to painting. His work has been featured/collected in a bunch of different places in print, online, and in the physical world including Printed Matter, The New York Public Library, and the MoMA Library.  He's won a couple of awards over the years but is most proud of getting first place for the long jump in the eighth grade. He failed gym class twice.
You can check Tim out at www.timlahan.com

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